About Madeira Farms

We started planting Christmas trees when we moved to our Rockwood farm in the Spring of 1997. Every year since then we have planted hundreds of new trees…pines, spruce, and fir. In 2004 our first trees were ready to sell and we put our “Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree” sign out on the road and hoped for the best. That first Christmas 30 families came to cut trees, and we served hot cider to them in our little rickety lean-to.


Today the lean-to is gone… replaced by a beautiful new timber-frame building we call the Shoppe……and many more families come to our farm for their Christmas trees! We still serve hot cider, provide maps to find the trees, (over 10,000 growing now) and have lots of saws and some sleds and mitts to borrow. In addition to our “Cut-Your-Own” trees we have wreaths and beautiful Ontario-grown pre-cut Christmas trees. We take orders ahead for extra large trees (10 feet and up) to ensure that families aren’t disappointed if they want a big tree.


Many of the 2004 families still come to us as part of their Christmas tradition… and ours! We enjoy seeing them each year. After they find their Christmas trees, they warm up in the Shoppe and we get to chat while they drink hot cider and eat Christmas cookies. With the Christmas music playing, everyone enjoys looking through the Christmas albums of the past year before they tie up their trees and head home.


Much remains the same here at Madeira Farms since we sold our first trees in 2004. We still put out the same “Cut-Your-Own” sign and hope for snow. We still get excited when the first cars pull up in our laneway, and when a family returns from the fields carrying the perfect tree.


So…. Whether you want a pine, a fir or spruce, or maybe a simple wreath…whether you want to cut your own or buy a pre-cut tree ….. at Madeira Farms you won’t just be looking for a Christmas tree….you’ll be making a memory! Come for a visit. Take a walk in the snow on our lovely farm. The cider will be hot…the Christmas music playing…and “the perfect” Christmas tree will be waiting for YOU!!


Merry Christmas!!


Karen Madeira ● Pete Williams