Kinds of Trees


White Spruce (cut-your-own)

Beautifully grained, used in musical instruments and furniture

  • excellent shape
  • wonderful colour
  • good needle retention (cut-your-own)
  • short, stiff, blunt blue-green needles (15-22 mm)


Scots Pine (cut-your-own)

One of the first plantation-grown Christmas trees in North America

  • excellent conical shape
  • stiff branches, good for supporting heavy ornaments and lights
  • best needle retention
  • long, sharp needles (5-8cm)
  • dense foliage and a wonderful aroma



Balsam Fir (cut-your-own and pre-cut)

The most popular Christmas tree grown in Canada

  • a dark green appearance
  • good needle retention (about 15-25mm long)
  • an attractive form
  • a wonderful fragrance


Canaan Fir (pre-cut)

Native to West Virginia

    • combines the bouquet of a Balsam with the beauty of a Fraser
    • medium to dark-green foliage
    • short, soft needles
    • very good needle retention
    • strong branches


Fraser Fir (cut-your-own and pre-cut)

Discovered by botanist John Fraser in the Appalachian Mountains, late 18th century

  • dark green colour, with lush, dense foliage
  • soft, flat needles, (up to 25mm long)
  • excellent needle retention
  • strong branches capable of carrying heavy ornaments
  • nice light Fragrance